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Library Annex Policy

General Information:

1.   Activities of the Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library have priority over all other activities.
2.   The Library Annex is made available to local people and groups on a first-come, first-served basis. The renter of the meeting room assumes all responsibility for any damage to the Library property.
3.   No Solicitation is permitted.
4.   No Smoking.
5.   No Alcoholic beverages.
6.   No illegal substances, open flames, or burning incense allowed.
7.   The Library does not allow any variety of gambling, gaming, bingo, casinos or wagering for money of any kind on Library property.
8.   Use of the Library premises does not include the use of Library staff to assist in the set-up or the breakdown of equipment.
9.   An adult must be present at all times to supervise groups of young people under the age of 21.
10. The Library requests that no red drink be used in the building due to the red dyes that will stain the carpet.
11. Tape may not be used on any walls. Cork strips and push pins have been placed on the walls and decorations must be attached to those areas only. 


     Cost:     $100.00 per single day event
                  $200.00 for overnight events
                   $ 75.00 for funeral dinners
          This amount includes the refundable down payment of $25.00 that will be returned upon inspection of the premises.
          Non-profit educational and community service organizations will be exempt from the fees. However, donations will be accepted.
          In some cases, eg. (long term usage) the decision of usage and fees will be made on a case by case basis.

Renters holding reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting area for other groups. The $25.00 deposit will be forfeited to the Library if not cancelled one week prior to the scheduled event.

The Library Annex will not be booked for any group or individual until a completed application and the $25.00 deposit has been received and approved by the Library Director and a copy returned to the renter.

A library employee will meet with the renter at the Annex prior to the event to collect the fee balance, turn over the key and receive instructions.


1.   The meeting room must be left in the same condition in which it was found.
2.   Tables and chairs must be wiped down.
3.   Tables and chairs must be returned to storage area as they were found.
4.   All decorations taken down and tape removed if used.
5.   Water outlets in all areas shut off.
6.   Lights turned off.
7.   Garbage placed in secure bags (supplied by the library), tied off and put in the trash dumpster outside.
8.   All doors locked.
9.   Key is to be placed on the counter, locked in the room.
10. Upon inspection of the area, the $25.00 deposit may be picked at the library two days after usage or upon instructions by library employee.

Call the Library to make a reservation for the room by call 425-1651 during normal business hours.



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